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Privacy Information

The goal of this web site is to be a great help between travellers and hotels. The content provider knows the risks of booking trough the internet and will do anything to keep this as safe as possible.

By making a booking through this system you agree to the hotel cancellation policy.

Your data and the purpose to collect them:

Contact data:
(Your e-mail adress, name, address, phonenumber and faxnumber etc...)
Your contact data will only be used to make your booking. We might use your e-mail adress to hold a survey about our service and the service provided by hotels. The contact data will never be passed or sold to other companies.

Booking data:
(The name of the hotel, type of room, number of persons, arrival and departure date etc...)
Your booking data will only be used to make your booking. The statistics of these bookings can be used to improve our service.

Credit card data:
(Type, number and expiry date.)
Your credit card data will only be used to guarantee your booking. It will be passed to the hotel and deleted from our database once the hotel confirms the booking.

Technical data:
(Web browser type, screen resolution, operating system, navigation etc...)
Your technical data will only be used to improve our services.

After your stay at the hotel you can request removal of your data by contacting us via our contact form. We will never supply your data to any third party for commercial use. All data that is not linked to you personally, can be used to generate technical statistics about the use of our web sites. Your data could be used to provide our partners that use our booking engine, but there is an agreement, to protect your personal information, between hotel partners and the content provider. By law we may be required to give out your personal information.

You will receive e-mails from the content provider in the following cases:
  • When you make a booking.
  • When the booking is confirmed.
  • To conduct a survey about our hotels and our booking services.

    The content provider reserves the right to change this privacy statement at any time. Questions about this statement can be sent via our contact form.

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