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Amsterdam Travel Guide > Attractions & Nightlife

Amsterdam Attractions & Nightlife


Amsterdam is well known for its fierce nightlife scene and youthful atmosphere. However, far less people are aware of the cityís cultural and aesthetic attractions. The city streets are covered in impressively designed buildings and transposed along canals. Amsterdam is also home to many world-renowned museums, including Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. The cityís center, the Dam, surrounds the train station, a relatively small and flat area that is easily traversed on foot. To the left of the center is the Red Light District, home to Amsterdamís vibrant nightlife scene. South of Dam are the streets of Rokin and Kalverstraat, Rokin being a primarily residential area and Kalverstraat being Amsterdamís primary shopping district.

Sightseeing Attractions

Amsterdam is home to uncountable and unimaginable tourist attractions. All sorts of fun activities—nightlife, parties, scenic spots, museums—are just a few steps away from your Amsterdam apartments. Amsterdamís center consists of 90 islands that are linked by 400 bridges. This alone is a sight worth seeing, not considering the more than 7000 registered historical buildings also condensed within the cityís walls. There are six notable places of worship that are well-known for their architectural appeal, including the Oude Kerk, Zuiderkerk, Noorderkerk, Westerkerk, Oosterkerk, and the Portugese-Israelite Synagogue. Catholic churches were forbidden in Amsterdam for many centuries, and therefore most of the cityís Catholic churches were not built until the 19th century. The Hortus Botanicus botanical gardens and the Artis Zoo are good places to visit for tourists who are traveling with children, as well as the beaches found on the western side of the city north of Ijmuiden. The Royal Place is a great historical attraction, and the cityís many museums are well-renowned as some of the best in the world.


The other side of Amsterdam is one that is considered one of the best party cities in the world. Amsterdamís Red Light District is the place to go for the nightlife scene, an area where marijuana and prostitution are legal and bars and nightclubs are abundant. Many visitors make their first stop at an absinthe bar, which are fairly easy to find in this district. At night, the streets of the Red Light District are packed with college-aged students from around the world, and the atmosphere is friendly, excited, and inviting. Shopping is another great thing to do in Amsterdam as prices in Amsterdam are not nearly as inflated as those of Europeís other main tourist destinations. A good place to start when shopping is Kalverstraat, the main shopping district. However, Amsterdamís many markets make for worthwhile shopping experiences as well. Check out Albert Cuyp, Lapjesmarkt, and Noordermarkt for a haggling experience and some great deals.

Article written by Jessica Elliott, Directory of hotels.