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Bicycle Transportation in Amsterdam

If you are interested in having an authentic Dutch experience while visiting Amsterdam, then you will want to rent a bike to get around on instead of a car. Bicycling is the best way to tour Amsterdam, and fortunately, Amsterdam is a very bicycle friendly city. In fact, about half of the traffic on Amsterdamís streets is made up of bicycles.

While you may never consider renting a bike to get around Los Angeles or New York, Amsterdam is set up for bicycle traffic. There are special bike lanes, plenty of places to park your bike and motorists are very accommodating to bicyclists. However, while you may be surprised to find that the Dutch generally donít wear bicycle helmets, there are other safety tips that you will want to follow. First of all you will want to lock up your bike when you stop to visit a site or to shop. Amsterdam has a high theft rate for bicycles. Next you will want to use a light if you ride around at night. You will also want to make sure that you follow all traffic signals and laws. Finally, when you enter a pedestrian zone, get off your bike and walk it.

When you first arrive in Amsterdam you will want to locate a bike rental company. Typically you will be able to rent a bike for about 8 Euros a day. However, you can get cheaper rates if you rent the bike for a week or more, or if you rent several bikes at once.

MacBike is one company that you can rent a bike from. They have locations in Leidesepleir, Visserplein and Central Station. They not only rent bikes out, but they also offer guided tours. Bike City is another shop that rents bike. Their shop is set up in Jordaan and they are open Monday through Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. However, they are not open between December 20 and February 21.

If you are interested in touring areas outside of the city then there are several side trips that you can take on your bike. The first destination that you can tour on bike is North Amsterdam. Here you can visit the farming village of Broek-in-Waterland, a fishing village and the eastern dyke. Muiden is another great biking destination. This bike trip will take your to the Muiderslot Castle and to the fortified city of Naarden. If you are interested in a bike tour that takes you to the coast then you will want to plan a bike trip to Aekmaar. Here you can see beaches, sand dunes, wildlife, beautiful scenery and amazing Dutch mansions.

Tandem bicycle is a fun way to share the biking experience with someone you care about, as a well as a great biking option for people with vision impairments. Learn all about tandem bicycles, recumbent bicycles and folding tandems here. Bicycle enthusiasts have several items to choose from to collect. They can collect classic bicycles, classic tandem bicycles, or they can even collect vintage bicycle posters. The recumbent bike is the recliner of the biking world. It has many advantages over the upright bike model, however, it has not experienced the same acceptance in the bicycle world as its upright cousin has.

Article written by Sarah Freeland, Tandem bicycles.