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Amsterdam Articles > Amsterdam is a Place You Must Visit at Least Once in Your Life

Amsterdam is a Place You Must Visit at Least Once in Your Life

Amsterdam is one of the world’s most colorful cities surrounded by interesting places –the museums, the historical sights, pubs, shops and beautiful flowers. Though it is a small city it has everything that you would find in big cities from good transportation to good restaurants and the culture but at the same time it offers the calmness and the peacefulness you would get in small countryside. It offers the best of both worlds. Though it is officially designated the capital of Netherlands but is neither the capital of its province, North Holland, nor is it the seat of the government and parliament.


The weather in Amsterdam is moderately temperate and is strongly influenced by Atlantic Ocean to the west and the prevailing westerly winds. Winters are bearable and are above freezing though frosts are common. Summers are also pleasant. Cloudy and damp days are common, particularly in the cooler months.

The place

Amsterdam known for the exotic historical sights stands one of the famous historic cities in Europe. It is the place for lovers of architecture where each monument stands better from the other. During the 17th century known as the Golden Age of Netherlands, a series of concentric canals were built which still stands out for its appearance and layout in the older city centre. There you can find narrow houses built along the canals. It covers everything from ancient to modern places of interest.

Rijksmuseum  (National Museum) in Amsterdam Nemo - Museum of technology in Amsterdam


Here, museums are the main tourist’s attraction. It has about fifty museums attracting a lot of visitors every year. For art lovers there are majestic Golden Age paintings which would leave you mesmerized and along with it there are modern art, press, film, theatre and photography museums and irresistible Dutch wonders like the Heineken Experience, the Ajax Museum and the Houseboat Museum.

You will everything for all ages. For kids there is NEMO which is a science and technology museum housed in a boat-shaped building. The Shipping Museum is also another place to visit and its replica of a Dutch trading ship, found in museums such as the Tropical museum and Jewish museum. The Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum are the most popular museums.

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam: It is the largest museum in the Netherlands. Millions of visitors visit this place with the number increasing each year. The Rijksmuseum has now become a famous Amsterdam landmark There you can enjoy the beauty of many Dutch art, from early religious works to the masterpieces of the Golden Age.

Stedelijk Museum: Famous for staging many contemporary art exhibitions, it houses the civic collection of modern art. You can find a sculpture garden behind the building.

Van Gogh Museum: This museum got its name as it houses about 200 paintings and 550 sketches capturing Van Gogh in different moods, also the hundreds of letters which he wrote to Theo. You will also find selected works by his friends in the museum.

Some of the other well known museums are:

• Anne Frank House
• Houseboat museum
• Jewish Historical Museum
• TIN-Theater museum
• Amsterdam Historical Museum
• Bijbelsmuseum - Biblical museum
• Sex museum
• Erotic Museum
• Torture museum

Shoppers won’t go disappointed as Amsterdam is a great place to hunt for bargains. Waterlooplein mark is the popular choice. On Sundays the shopping streets get extremely crowded so you have to plan something during the weekdays.

Amsterdam is a great place to be for people of all ages. The fun you have bargaining for stuff in the streets, the unforgettable incredible historic sights and the heart filling food, nobody can forget these memories the place offers you.

Article written by Jeffrey Meier, Jam727.