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Taxi in Amsterdam

Special regulations apply for Amsterdam's taxi system and strict policies are defined on services and licensing. Taxis in Amsterdam have a taxi sign on the top of the car, a blue number plate and a price list both inside and outside. The taxi driver's pass must be on the dashboard. You can find a taxi at official taxi ranks at Central Station, Schiphol Airport and many other places. In Amsterdam you do not need to take the first car in the queue. You can also try to hail a taxi on the street though it might not be easy especially in busy weekends. And remember that in Amsterdam there are several no stopping zones. If you call a taxi on the phone it normally arrives in 5-10 minutes. There are no call charges. Taxis are quite expensive, though. The fare consists of a basic price and a price per kilometer. Only taxis displaying a special card may use the bus lanes.

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